Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

By Adam Flores

I'm so grateful for God choosing me to be here and serve in Costa Rica. I feel so privileged to see God's hand at work here in the community and in our team. Although today was our first break from outreach, the Lord still had plenty that He wanted to teach us.

Beginning with the morning devotion, we learned how we should glorify God in all that we do and what it means to have joy and not be embarrassed of ourselves in the midst of our suffering. It breaks my heart to see the extreme living conditions and circumstances that exist for most of our friends on the leadership team. But as I look deeper into their lives, I realize that they are not the least bit ashamed. In fact, they live their lives rich in faith and joy. I was sharing with the team today that I taught a few of them how to throw a football, play paddy cake, and say phrases in English. They love every bit of it! I now realize how much I’m learning from them. I'm learning a way of life. This young leadership team lives a life that's loving, caring, and rich in faith. I have so much back at home. But as I'm here, I realize that they have what matters. In the states there are so many things going on that often times I don't even realize my needs.

In the last few days I've seen God use our team to meet the needs of the people. Seeing this happen has increased my trust in God as well as my faith. My conviction is the strongest that it's ever been and I see a very strong conviction within the leadership team here. Their commitment and dedication inspires me. They spend so much of their time reaching their light out into the community and sharing the gospel. I feel that if I were to ask that kind of dedication from someone at home, they would make excuses and tell me they have too many things going on. The reason I feel that way is because that person is me. Josh said something powerful to me today. He said, "If something is stopping you from sharing the Word of God and keeping you from His will for your life, then you should reconsider the things you have going on."

I came to Costa Rica to serve. The Lord has used me to do so, but I also feel that the Lord had to bring me all of the way out here to free me from distractions so that He can speak more clearly into my life. This experience has already been life changing for me. I'm so grateful that God has used our team to be here and make an impact in the community. While doing so, the Lord is making a big impact in our lives.


  1. A difficult lesson to learn Adam and even more difficult to look deep within your soul and see something missing. Thank you for sharing what the Holy Spirit is doing in and through you all. The challenge for us all is to live for Christ and with great joy while spreading the gospel regardless of wealth or comfort. The unfortunate reality is that we all are caught in the rat race to get more stuff when the only important thing that Christ has called us to is service and spreading the gospel—even to our own city. Thank you all for doing this work for the kingdom and we are all praying that our lives will be transformed through the transformation happening in you.

  2. Jonathandkeck,

    Thank you for that reflection on Adam's post. It always amazes me to here from the team members when they share how God is stirring their hearts. And not only hearing it, but seeing it in action. Thanks for your support throughout the trip.