Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Few More Photos...

Photo #1: In this picture you see a couple of the teens on the Leadership Team getting ready for Sunday's worship service. These teens constantly allow God to work through them to accomplish great tasks in the towns of Los Guido, La Carpio, and Tejarcillos.

Photo #2: This is Memo and Rafa, a couple of the young men on the Leadership Team. They run the sound on Sunday mornings and for special events.

Photo #3: Our team had the chance to participate in Iglesia Nueva Vida's Kids Club. On this particular day we played with a giant slip 'n slide. So much fun!!!

Photo #4: This is a close-up photo of the "Bridge Illustration" that was is used to present the Gospel.

Photo #5: We held three days of street Vacation Bible Schools. It was amazing to see how many kids came every day.

Photo #6: We walked the streets of La Carpio handing out bags of hygiene items. La Carpio is known as "The Trash Dump" of Costa Rica.


  1. Love all of the pictures! Thanks

  2. The pictures are great! Thanks for your support throughout the trip Brad.